Board of Trustees Meetings

Boards of trustees meetings are "open to the public". This means that even if you're not a trustee you are welcome to attend as an observer although you will not have speaking rights the way you would if it was a public meeting.

Some items on the agenda may need to be discussed in private, for example if they concern a complaint to the board or a disciplinary matter. The board chair will tell you when you need to leave the meeting, and when you can come back in after the in-committee discussion is complete.

The agenda along with other documentation related to that meeting will be publicly available in the school office two working days before the meeting, and posted on the school website as soon as possible after that. Once minutes are ratified as true and correct by the Board of Trustees they are also available in the school office, and then on the website.


2019 Board of Trustee Meeting dates

BOT meetings will be held the first Wednesday of each month,  7-9pm in Koraunui School staffroom (unless otherwise advised in the monthly meeting sections).


Posted 7 months ago

Date: Wednesday 31st July 2019

April 2019

Posted 11 months ago

3/4 /19 BOT meeting 7-9 pm in staffroom

March 2019

Posted 12 months ago

Feb 2019

Posted 12 months ago

BOT meeting 13th February 2019, 7-9pm in staffroom

December 2018

Posted 15 months ago

November 2018

Posted 16 months ago

October 2018

Posted 17 months ago

October meeting has been postponed to 17 October 2018

September 2018

Posted 18 months ago

All Board documents are publicly available in the school office and will be posted on line as soon as a scanned version is available.

August 2018

Posted 19 months ago

Financial reports are not yet available and will be provided before the meeting if they become so.

July 2018

Posted 20 months ago

Due to Polyfest Week in the first week of July, the next BOT meeting will be held on Wednesday July 11th, same time and place.

June 2018

Posted 21 months ago

We have been advised the the May financial report will be available on Tuesday 5/6/18 and this will be tabled at the Board meeting.

May 2018

Posted 22 months ago

BoT Meeting to be held in staffroom 7-9pm on 2 May 2018