Enrolment information


Welcome to Koraunui School. Nau mai, hoki mai. Nau mai, haere mai.

This information is designed to help you and your family settle into our school.

We encourage you to visit our school before enrolling your child. Please phone the office and make an appointment.

Before your child starts school we have found it beneficial for him/her to have at least five visits to the classroom. By visit three and four it is appropriate for you to leave your child at school alone for a period of time, to encourage their independence.

Times for visits will be organised between you, your child’s ECE centre (if they attend) and the transition teacher.

We are never too busy to talk to parents, so please approach us at school, or phone if you wish to chat about something concerning your child.

The enrollment form can be filled out online, or you could pick one up from the office when you visit.

Our Principal, Dave Lamont, is more than happy to meet with you.

Nā matou noa 

Te Whānau o Koraunui


 Te timatatanga o te Kura/Beginning School

Our school day is from:

         8:30am – 3:00pm, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

         8:30am - 2:00pm, Wednesday and Friday.

You can help your child settle into school by arriving at least 10 minutes before school starts.

This enables children to unpack their bags and say ‘Kia ora’ to their friends.

If children are late arriving at school they need to go to the office before they go to class so they can be recorded as being at school and to receive late slip for their teacher.

Wā Taka/Timing of the day (in general)

8:15am Children are able to come into the classroom

8:30am Start of the school day

            Class time 

10:00am Morning tea begins

10:30am Morning tea ends

               Class time

12:30pm Lunch break begins (children sit to eat for 15 minutes)

1:30pm Lunch break ends

               Class time

2:00 or 3:00pm School finishes

There are sometimes fruit breaks within sessions.


If your child is to be absent, please fill out the absences form on our 'contact us' section of this website or phone the school before 8.30 am to notify us.  After this time school will endeavour to contact you to check that you are aware your child is not at school. This is a safety measure.

We keep records of times children arrive at school as continual lateness impacts on learning. 

Should there be any change to your contact details please notify the school office immediately so we can update records.


If you are sending money to school, please put it in an envelope with your child’s name, room number and purpose of the money, and put it in the cream post box, just inside the office foyer to the right.

To save you the hassle of finding change, there is the option for a sum of money to be kept at the office to pay for incidentals etc.  Talk to the office staff if you need any further information about this.

School Lunches

On a Friday the parents group sell sausages and juices/moosies for $1 each, if we have enough volunteers for this.  This is sometimes varied to Subway, pizza etc which is always notified in the weekly newsletter.  Friday is considered the ‘treat’ day at school.  We encourage healthy eating the rest of the week.



Stationery is purchased as a pack which contains all the items your child/tamariki will need to start school. We sell items at cost at the start of the year to help parents with this expensive time.


Quality is important to us. We request that all exercise books be purchased from school to ensure all children’s books in the class are the same. Also pencils to ensure the children have ones that sharpen and don’t break easily.

We DO have eftpos at school! But Cash, cheque or direct deposit into our bank account are all fine. We are happy to organise drip-feed payments for families as long as we haven’t had to chase repayments in the past.
Please note the stationery includes $16 for eight swimming lessons with professional instructors at Stokes Valley Pool. These lessons are incredible value for money.  

Friday 50c stalls

Children/Tamariki are welcome to bring money to spend at the 50c stalls on the weeks the Year 6 students are fundraising for camp.  Please send the money to school in a named envelope and ask your child to give it to their teacher when they arrive at school.  A maximum of $2 is allowed for each child to spend. Timing of this will be advertised in the weekly newsletter.

Sun Protection

Children/Tamariki are required to wear sun hats when in the playground in Terms One and Four.  Terms Two and Three are hat-free to encourage Vitamin D absorption from the sun during the winter months.  All children need to bring a named hat to school each day.  Parents need to sunblock their children before they come to school in the summer months.

Drink and Food

We encourage tamariki to bring a drink bottle of water and nutritious food to last the day.  We discourage any food that is made using orange or red food colouring.  Your child will be asked to take these home. (For example, Twisties, Strings, Rashuns, cordials and energy drinks etc)

As part of being on the journey to becoming an “Enviroschool”, we are trying to encourage the use of less packaging.

Please let the office and your child’s teacher know about any known allergies or intolerances to food and drink.


These are usually held three times a term. You will be notified in the newsletter when they are happening.  All visiting children and families/whanau are welcome to attend.


All children are welcome to attend Kapahaka on a Thursday afternoon in the hall.  All whanau are warmly welcome.  At the start of the year some classes take all their children for a few weeks to introductory sessions, to enable the children to make an informed choice.


We have a Pasifika performance group which practises one lunch break a week (more often when preparing for a concert) and is involved in performances during the year. Please let your child’s teacher know if your child wishes to be involved in this group. (Generally Year Two and above) 


Your child will have some form of homework depending on the year level they are in. The teacher will advise you of this.


It is a good idea for your child to have a change of clothes in their bag in case of accidents/getting muddy. Please name your child’s clothes; it helps us re-unite your child with their belongings.  We strongly suggest your child wears old clothes to school as we are a very active school and often do messy 'stuff'!

Abandoned property will be displayed daily on the clothes rack just opposite the office entrance.  If the clothes rack gets too full, we will send items to St Philip's Church clothes bank, with a few days notice this is about to happen.

Parent Help

We welcome parent help in many ways.  If you would like to be involved with any of the following activities, please let the classroom teacher know.

  • shelving reading material
  • helping with supervision on class trips
  • art work with a small group
  • listening to children reading
  • cooking with small groups of children
  • being part of the  Reading Tutors community group

If you have any skills or interests you would like to share, we would love to hear from you.

Koraunui Care Centre (KCC)

We run a before (from 7am) and after school (to 5:45pm) programme and also a holiday programme.  For more information contact the school office.

School Newsletters

These are given to the youngest or only child in the family and go home each Tuesday.  They can also be downloaded from our 'Newsletters Page'. Please make sure you read the newsletter every week as important dates and information about events are noted here.  We can also e-mail you the newsletter – give your e-mail address to the school office (you get the newsletter in colour that way!)


We rely on your child to get notices home, for you to respond to them and for your child to return permissions etc, by the deadline, to the cream post-box in the office foyer. Please practise this routine with your child and particularly check for notices on newsletter day.


If your child requires medication at school, please notify the office.  This includes asthma inhalers, courses of medication, epi-pens etc.  You will be asked to fill in a permission form for us to administer the medication involved.  Any medication, including inhalers, will be kept at the office.  We can refrigerate medicines that require this.

Transition to school from Early Childhood Centres

When your child is just about to start school, we will contact you to confirm visit dates.  These will be planned with the ECE provider, the teachers involved and yourself. 

Reporting Learning Achievement

Your child’s learning progress is carefully monitored.  Information is gathered throughout the year and is reported on twice a year. All families are invited to a goal-setting conference early in Term One.   You and your child will then be invited to a 3-Way conference mid-year to look at progress to date and the next learning steps. A written report is sent home a few weeks before the end of the school year.

At these conferences you will also be informed about progress as it relates to the National Standards.

Please refer to the ‘Successful Learner’ page, which explains the roles of the school, your child and the family. Successful outcomes rely on all to carry out their roles to the best of their ability.

Choice Theory

There is a brief explanation of Dr William Glasser’s Choice Theory on our Choice Theory page. Choice Theory underpins all we do at Koraunui School. We welcome your interest, as we believe our children’s ability to manage themselves and take responsibility for their own learning are vital for success.

Toys, Cell Phones, I-Pods, Scooters etc

In general there should not be any toys brought from home unless there is a special reason that your child’s teacher has informed you of.

Cell phones can only be brought to school if they are necessary for parent/child communication. Cell phones must be handed in to the office for safe-keeping on your child’s arrival to school. I-Pods etc are to be left at home.

Koraunui is not a BYOD (bring your own device) school, although some teachers may invite this in writing to you. If this is the case, BYODs are brought to school at the risk of the owner.

It is important to note that school staff will take no responsibility for broken or lost property. Should children bring items that have not been requested and/or are disturbing the learning process, staff will look after them until a parent/caregiver collects them.  Scooters used unsafely will be put in the office area until home time.


We are very fortunate to have our own swimming pool.  Your child’s classroom teacher will advise you when their class has swimming. We also have opportunities to take part in the Hutt City Council swimming programme at a very modest cost.

Swimming is a compulsory part of our curriculum. We live on an island with lots of sea, rivers, streams and backyard swimming pools. It is vital our children/tamariki learn how to survive in water.

Travelling to and From School

Like all schools, we suffer from mayhem at the gate as parents are delivering and collecting children. We all have a role to play in keeping children safe at these times.

If it is not possible for your children to walk to school (most should be able to do this) consider dropping them off in either Kennedy Grove (red post) or Stokes Valley Road (green post) and allowing them to learn independence and resilience by walking the last part of the journey. Not only will children be fitter, this will help with traffic congestion.

In the mornings the blue-lined area directly outside the school entrance is drop off only. The driver cannot leave the car. If you need to come into school, you must park elsewhere.

In Kairimu St, please drive to the top of the street to turn, rather than turning into driveways and backing and doing U-turns.

Please be a role-model to the children. If you cross the road anywhere, so will the children. There are patrolled crossings on both Kairimu St and Stokes Valley Road.

Please drive slowly when you are anywhere near the school. There is a school-zone signage in place which advises speeds.

We have bike racks near the bottom field and suggest only senior school children should be biking to school unaccompanied.

Please feel free to ring the school office if you have any questions.


We look forward to getting to know your family/whanau.

Ka nui te mihi aroha ki a koutou e te whanau whanui o Te Kura o Koraunui.

New Entrant Team



Teresa Kenny (Te Ruma Tahi: Whanau)



Dianne Wright (Room 56)



Andrea Evans (Room 56)



Office Team

Janice Dale (Before & After School Care),

Melva Mouat (Community Liaison),

Barbara Hay (Librarian),

Paula Reed (Resources),

Gillian McPeake (Special Needs Co-ordinator)


Handbook for new families

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