Koraunui Kids Care Holiday Programme - Expression of Interest

Koraunui Care Centre Holiday programme will be operating from Monday 3 to Friday 14 October during the upcoming school holidays.

Check out details for the programme below and if would like to make a booking fill in and return the reply slip to the Koraunui School office by Tuesday 20 September 2022.  You will then be sent an enrolment/confirmation form to secure your child(ren’s) place. If you require financial assistance, please contact WINZ for information on a subsidy, or a form may be requested from the school office. 

Once your booking is confirmed you are liable for the charges, whether your child attends the programme or not, unless notification of cancellation is received by Tuesday 27 September 2022.

For further information on programme details please contact Janice at Koraunui School office.


Monday 3 Oct

Paper bag puppets

Tuesday 4 Oct

Art with International  artist

Wednesday 5 Oct

Movie at Lighthouse cinema

Thursday 6 Oct

Decorate a mug

Friday 7 Oct

PJ, Wacky Hair, face painting and crepe making day

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Monday 10 Oct

Construct and decorate a gingerbread house

Tuesday 11 Oct

Leaf printing

Wednesday 12 Oct

Games Day

Thursday 13 Oct

Construct a hanging picture frame

Friday 14 Oct

Stokes Valley Pool and lunch

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Please note: As well as the listed activities there will be various arts and crafts and games offered each day, as well as cooking activities on some days.


Please note this is an indication only, an enrolment form will be sent on receipt of this form.

Monday 3 October
Tuesday 4 October
Wednesday 5 October
Thursday 6 October
Friday 7 October
Monday 10 October
Tuesday 11 October
Wednesday 12 October
Thursday 13 October
Friday 14 October


*Please note as per our policies, fees will apply for any public holidays that fall on any of your child’s regular days of care.  

Please fill in spaces for sessions you would like your child to attend and submit this booking form by Tuesday 20 September.

Getting your booking in on time allows time to confirm booking numbers and do the staff roster - thanks


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