Music - Puoro

notes  Music is a powerful tool that helps children learn new thinking skills. When children play with musical instruments, they explore cause and effect. They can see that pressing a key makes a sound. Additionally, they learn to pay attention to changes in sound, noting for example that certain keys sound deeper than others. Exploring musical instruments also helps children learn how different instrument

s work and the sounds they create.      guitar

Congratulations to Amorangi

Posted 18 months ago

Amorangi and Alison played their violins to room 14, displaying wonderful skill and showing the class just what you can achieve when you are committed to learning and practising something you...

Performing Arts

Posted 2 years ago

Koraunui School has a wonderful performing arts culture. Our Pasifika group gave an amazing performance at Pasifika this year.


Posted 3 years ago

Violin is very popular within our school. There are lessons available after school and many classes participate in lessons too.