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Welcome to room 1213 for 2017. This newly formed classroom has two teachers. Dianne Christenson and Emma Saul. We are situated in the old room 12 and 13 classrooms hence our new class name of room 1213. Many of the children in this area were in rooms 7 and 8 last year, so we have brought our blog posts from 2016 with us. We hope you enjoy reading these and the new ones we will post for you.

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Camellias for Suffragettes

Posted 18 months ago

On Wednesday, two artists, Wendy and Joy came to Koraunui School to work with Room 1213 and 15.

Wellington Zoo trip

Posted 24 months ago

A HUGE big thank you to all our helpers today! Wellington Zoo is so awesome. Everyone made new discoveries and had a great time.

In the Hutt News again

Posted 2 years ago

We made it into the Hutt News again

Botanic Garden Trip

Posted 2 years ago

Yet another awesome tip for Room 1213!

BioBlitz Coming Up November 6th

Posted 2 years ago

It is the end of term Three and our big event for Term 4 is the BioBlitz.

Weta Hotels

Posted 2 years ago

We have done lots of learning about weta this term.  We wrote reports about weta and learned about their habitats. 

Predator Trapping

Posted 2 years ago

In Room 1213 we have been using tracking tunnels and chew cards to investigate what sort of predators we have in our school.  


Posted 3 years ago

This term the year 3s have had Get-Set-Go sessions every Tuesday.We have been getting active, learning how to dodge, catch, throw, run and skip. We have had so much fun!

Coding Club

Posted 3 years ago

Coding Club is up and running on Mondays at lunchtime.