Koraunui Kaitiaki and Whitebait connection

Kaitiaki is a New Zealand term used for the Māori concept of guardianship, for the sky, the sea, and the land. A kaitiaki is a guardian, and the process and practices of protecting and looking after the environment are referred to as kaitiakitanga.

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Stream Restoration

Posted 16 months ago

This was postponed last week due to the weather. Another time will be confirmed for Rooms 1213 and 15 to continue this good work once the weather clears.

Finalist for the 2017 NZ River Story Award

Posted 2 years ago

Koraunui School's stream restoration project, the 'Koraunui Kaitiaki Project', is one of 8 projects from around NZ that have been put forward as a finalist for the 2017 NZ River Story Award.

Trout Ova

Posted 2 years ago

Great excitement in Room 1213 as our trout ova arrive!

Koraunui's Stream Kaitiaki Project

Posted 2 years ago

As part of Koraunui's Stream Kaitiaki Project, Rooms 7, 12/13 and 15 worked with GWRC to install mussel spat ropes to a weir in the SV Stream.

Koraunui Kaitiaki The Inanga Action Group

Posted 3 years ago

The kids have decided the big areas they need to focus on are removing migration barriers for our native fish species such as threatened galaxiids and eels so they can...

Baring Head

Posted 3 years ago

Today, the classes who have been involved in the Whitebait Connection project are on their trip to Baring Head.

Envirogroup planting at Horoeka Reserve

Posted 3 years ago

We worked with Pam and learnt about putting combiguards around the young plants.

Whitebait Connection Part 1

Posted 3 years ago

We have been lucky enough to be taking part in the Whitebait Connection Programme this term.