We are pleased to have confirmed a new date for the Interzone Cross Country - Friday 28th August at Trentham Memorial Park.

This event will take place on this date, provided the weather plays its part and we are at Covid-19 Alert Level 1. 

If this event cannot proceed due to weather, or Covid-19 alert level restrictions, we will select the regional team through the means outlined below under plan B.


If the weather is bad or we are in Alert Level 2, 3 or 4 on Friday 28th August, then the Inter-zone Cross Country will be cancelled this year. In this case, the LHPSSA team to compete at regionals will be selected. We appreciate that this is not ideal, nor will it be perceived as fair by all.

  • Year 4 students: top 3 place getters from the SW Zone event, top 3 place getters from SE Zone event and top 4 place getters from the combined North/Central Zones event (this is a similar ratio to how it works currently between the 4 zones).
  • Year 5 and 6 students: top 2 place getters from the SW Zone event, top 2 place getters from the SE Zone event and top 4 place getters from the combined North/Central event. The last 2 places will go to students that got through to Inter Regionals or Regionals (in that order) in 2019, but weren't in the top 2 for their Zone in this year's event and would have missed out otherwise. The decision by the Director of Sport (myself) in this circumstance will have had a lot of thought and consideration go into it and the decision will be final.