Principals Comment

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As Term 3 draws to a close we would like to congratulate all of the children who have consistently displayed the school KORAU values.  We have an amazing school and it takes everyone, working together, to create a culture where we can learn and grow individually and collectively.  This is not always an easy or straight forward process but with perseverance and keeping our KORAU values at the front of our thinking, we can help the children be the best they can be.  With the changes in COVID-19 Alert Levels this term, we have all been challenged to maintain health and safety practices as well as to help manage our emotions and well-being.   We would like to thank our school community for the support that has been provided to our school over this term as we have all grappled with another round of COVID-19 lockdown and conditions.  We wish everyone a safe and happy term break and look forward to seeing everyone back again next term.