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Term dates for 2018

  • Term one: 29 Jan - 13 Apr
  • Term two: 30 Apr - 6 July
  • Term three: 23 July - 28 Sep
  • Term four: 15 Oct - 14 Dec

Upcoming school events

Year 6 camp and Senior EOTC week
Between Nov 19th 2018 and Nov 23rd 2018
Between Nov 19th 2018 and Nov 23rd 2018
Interzone Athletics
All day on Nov 27th 2018
Umu Festival
All day on Nov 30th 2018
Year 6 Graduation Dress Rehearsal
All day on Dec 10th 2018
Year 6 Graduation
All day on Dec 11th 2018
Magical Mystery Bus Tour – Year 6
All day on Dec 12th 2018
Final assembly
All day on Dec 14th 2018
Start Date for 2019
08:30am until 03:00pm on Feb 04th 2019
school gala
08:00am until 03:00pm on Mar 30th 2019

Welcome to Koraunui School


Kia Ora, Talofa lava, and Welcome,

Hats – with Term 4 now well underway please make sure that all children bring hats to wear at school to help protect them from the summer sun. Even on wet days as the weather can change quickly.

Please keep an eye on the calendar and Facebook page to see what is happening throughout the term. We ask that you also reinforce our KORAU values with your children and encourage them to demonstrate these through their words and actions.

Dave Lamont