Koraunui School is governed by a Board of Trustees. 

The Board is responsible for ensuring a quality education for all pupils and for the safety and well-being of pupils and staff. It sets the school's strategic direction in consultation with parents, staff and pupils. It also oversees the management of personnel, curriculum, property, finance and administration. 

The Board is committed to working with our school community so that everyone can have their say and to ensure that the Board makes well-informed decisions.

Our Board of Trustees Blog is a good place to get more information about what we are doing.

The Board draws on the diverse skills, knowledge and experience of our school community.  The Board consists of five elected parent representatives, one staff representative, the Principal and co-opted members. Trustees are elected for a 3-year term.

Contact phone details for the Board are in the school newsletter. Please be mindful when you contact with Board members (i.e. not too early or late in the day). You can also email the Chairperson.

The current members are: 

Board Member



Spencer Heiss


elected parent representative and Chairperson

Chris Miller


elected parent representative

Amber Pacheco


elected parent representative

Chris Blazkow


co-opted parent representative

Gillian McPeake


staff representative

Dave Lamont



Policy documents explain how the school will meet its legal requirements under the National Administration Guidelines set by the Ministry of Education. 

These areas are; Curriculum, Self Review, Personnel, Finance and Property, Health and Safety and Legislation and Regulation.  These policies detail the governance responsibilities of the school.

The school community develop procedures based on the policies.  They detail how the policies will be implemented on a day to day basis.  Policies tell people what we must do and Procedures tell people how we will do things.

Copies of our school policies and procedures will be made available upon request at the school office.

To access all of the school’s policies and procedures online go to the below Schooldocs website link:


Username: koraunui

Password: koraunui

Every state and state integrated school in New Zealand has a Board of Trustees. Their role is to govern and manage the school, which includes planning and reporting.

Whilst the Governance Plan is a longer term plan, the Annual Plan covers a one year period. It is required that the Annual Plan is submitted to the Ministry of Education Annually.

"Strategic planning is the process of setting goals, deciding on actions to achieve those goals and mobilizing the resources needed to take those actions. A strategic plan describes how goals will be achieved through the use of available resources." - www.thoughtexchange.com

Boards of trustees meetings are "open to the public". This means that even if you're not a trustee you are welcome to attend as an observer although you will not have speaking rights the way you would if it was a public meeting.

Some items on the agenda may need to be discussed in private, for example if they concern a complaint to the board or a disciplinary matter. The board chair will tell you when you need to leave the meeting, and when you can come back in after the in-committee discussion is complete.

The agenda for public meetings along with other documentation related to that meeting will be publicly available in the school office two working days before the meeting, and posted on the school website as soon as possible after that. Once minutes are ratified as true and correct by the Board of Trustees they are also available in the school office, and then on the website.

Details of our meetings can be found in the downloadable files section below and also on the Board of Trustees Blog.

The dates and times of meetings are included in the school newsletter and are posted on the school website. BOT meetings are usually held the first Wednesday of each month, 7-9pm in Koraunui School staffroom.

Minutes and Agendas