It is important to remember that learning can come in many shapes and forms and learning from home provides an opportunity for children to apply what they already know to everyday settings and situations. 

We love to show examples of your work on our website so keep posting pictures to Facebook or upload it to Teams. Digital copies of your childs work can be saved into Microsoft teams with your childs school email address and password. Even offline work can be photographed or filmed and uploaded. If you don't know your email address or password please contact your teacher.

Information on our online learning platform and general I.C.T instructions and information can be found on our Information Technology Pages.

Check out the learning activities pages to see what other people are up to and get some craft ideas.


We are very grateful to everyone who has helped to provide and deliver craft activity supplies to our families.

Here are some examples of the work and activities people have been doing during the holidays

Learning activities people are doing

Here are some stories you can listen to and read along with our staff.

Listen to some stories

We will work on establishing on-line learning and communication for families who can access this while the school is closed.  As we finalise what this looks like, we will provide information about what this includes and how to access on-line learning.  We are able to provide paper learning packs for those without internet access.  Please keep an eye for emails about this in coming days.

Please contact your teacher if you do not know your school email address or password.

These are some of the most commonly used sites for our school,



Microsoft Teams

Other Sites

Room 23 login page

...  Room 23

Classcraft is often used by the senior classes 

(choose login with Microsoft)

Room 04 login page 

   Room 04

Room 05 login page 

   Room 05  

Room 08 login page 

   Te Ruma 8 Our School Library site is great to see what books we have on offer

Room 09 login page 

   Te Ruma 9  

Room 10 login page 

   Te Ruma 10 Seesaw is used by the junior school

Room 11 login page 

   Te Ruma 11  

Room 12 login page 

   Team 1213 will get you to our other apps

Room 13 login page

Room 15 login page    Room 15 Student Email can be accessed here
      MOE learning from home website


Access more information on how to use our school Apps and websites

Here is some ideas to help you stay fit and healthy.