Studyladder is a web based educational program designed by teachers. The program is curriculum based and covers Mathematics, Literacy as well as other subjects.

Your child has been given a username and password which can be used to access Studyladder. If you do not know your username and password please contact your teacher.

If your child had a previous account, use the following steps to recover their past rewards and points:

  1. Log in to their NEW school account
  2. Click on the MENU option
  3. Select RECOVER POINTS and enter the OLD username/password All of their past rewards will be recovered. This will also upgrade their new account if the previous account had premium paid access.

It is not compulsory for your child to use Studyladder at home, however regular access will help them reinforce what they have been taught in school. It will also help to build their confidence through practice.

Simply go to the links below and login using your child’s password which will be sent home in your kit. The free version allows students to access 3 activities per day from home (it is optional for parents to upgrade if they wish to give their child unlimited home access). As a parent you can join Studyladder for free if you wish to monitor your child’s progress.
If you have any questions please contact your child's teacher or email

Room 23 login page

Room 04 login page

Room 05 login page

Room 08 login page

Room 09 login page

Room 10 login page

Room 11 login page

Room 1213 login page

Room 14 login page

Room 15 login page