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Koraunui Care Centre offers before and after school care during the school term and holiday programmes during school holidays.         

Children’s ages range from 5 – 13 years.

We are open between:

7am – 8.15 am and 3.00 - 5.45pm Monday Tuesday and Thursday
7am – 8.15 am and 2.00 – 5.45pm Wednesday and Friday


The centre is closed on public and school holidays.



Our Holiday Programme runs during school holidays where there is enough demand to do so. 

Please see the Holiday Programme Page for more information.

Please note, due to circumstances beyond our control, times and content of the programme may be altered from the original advertisement.


Our child/adult ratio is 1:9.

Occasionally in cases of emergency within our community and at the discretion of the co-ordinator, this ratio can be increased.  Our ratio whilst on an outing is 1:8, and 1:6 whilst around water.

There will always be 2 adults, as a minimum, in the programme at any time.



Our fee structure for permanent care in the 'In Term' programme is

$55 per week for the afternoon sessions or $11 per afternoon session

$30 per week for the morning sessions or $6.00 per morning session

$75 per week if they attend both morning and afternoon sessions

$11 per session for a casual booking for the afternoon and $6.00 for the morning.  

Placement is guaranteed when a permanent booking is made. 

Casual care is available during the school term at $11.00 per session or $13.00 to attend both sessions on the same day.  Placement for casual care is not guaranteed and is to be negotiated with the care centre co-ordinator. 

If you fail to collect your child by 5.45pm, there is a penalty of $10.00 for every 5 minutes or part thereof, per child, over time. (See policies available at the Programme Centre).

Holiday Programme costs are separate and listed on our site when bookings are available.

We are Child, Youth and Family Service approved, which means that families that qualify will be able to get a subsidy from WINZ to help with their fees.  If there is a shortfall between the funding available and our fees, you must meet this shortfall yourself.  Once you apply for and receive a WINZ subsidy, it is your responsibility to let WINZ know of any change in your circumstances, including cancelling your funding if you no longer require care.


Payment in cash/cheque/eftpos can be made at the school office, by automatic payment or a WINZ payment.  All fees must be paid in advance of the programme commencing.  You must pay for the days that your child is booked in, whether they attend or not, this includes public holidays.

Any charges incurred in recovering outstanding fees will be passed on to the parent/caregiver.

All families must complete and return an enrolment form before their child can participate in the programme.  Here is a downloadable version of the form. If any of the information provided on the form changes, it is the parents’ responsibility to inform the centre in writing as soon as possible. We will not accept verbal messages from your child/ren.

Please let the supervisor know as soon as possible if your child is going to be absent from the programme.  This can be done by ringing/texting the Centre’s mobile, Ph: 027-241-3028 and leaving a message if no one is available at the time.

We use behaviour management techniques that encourage positive self-esteem development.  It is our goal to ensure that children and families experience an environment where they are safe, secure, respected and their dignity is protected.  This is done through the use of positive reinforcement and a stimulating and varied programme to guard against boredom. Every effort will be made to help your child settle into the programme.

If a child’s behaviour is consistently harmful to other children, parents can be asked to remove him/her from the programme, after going through the process outlined in the behaviour policy.

At all times the programme will comply with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1993.

Please provide your child his/her own healthy morning tea, lunch and a drink for school, as the remainder is sometimes eaten after school.  Afternoon tea will be provided.  If your child has any food allergies, please ensure this is clearly stated on the enrolment form.  Every care will be taken to ensure your child does not eat products that you have informed us they are allergic to.


If at anytime you wish your child to be released from Care to walk/ride home on their own, you must sign the release form and phone on the day this is to occur.

Please do not drop your children off before 7am.  You will NOT be permitted entry to Care Centre.

All children are to be delivered to and collected from the centre by their parent/caregiver.  You must sign your child/ren in and out yourself.  This applies to all sessions.  Only people stated on the enrolment form may collect your child from Care.  If this arrangement can’t be met and the normal person is unable to collect the child/ren, please ring and let us know who is collecting your child.  We will not release any children to an unauthorised person.

Please sign the attendance register when delivering and collecting your child.


In the case of a serious accident or illness involving your child, the staff will contact you, to enable you to take your child to a medical facility.  They will also call an ambulance if they deem it necessary.  In a civil emergency, the staff will remain at the centre until all the children are collected.  The centre has adequate emergency supplies available to them.

By law, Koraunui School has a total smoke free policy in place, covering its grounds and buildings.

Any items brought by children to the programme are the children’s own responsibility.  Please do not send them with any money or valuables.

From time to time, the centre will, using their discretion, view a PGR movie (e.g.) Shrek/Cats and Dogs, Willy Wonka etc.  These movies will always be age appropriate and if you do not wish for your child to view such material please inform the supervisor who will advise you of the days you will need to make alternative childcare arrangements.

Please DO NOT send along children who are sick, as we do not have the facilities to care for them.  If a child becomes ill during the programme hours, parent/caregivers will be called and asked to collect their child.


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Please fill in this form if you wish to enroll yoour child in KCC or if you need to update your details for KCC.



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