Pupils visit the library with their classes throughout the year. They are usually able to borrow books and must have a book bag to put them in. Books are issued for two weeks and must be return after this point so other pupils can also benefit from them. 


We would like to open our school library up to parents so they can issue books to read with their children at home.  If you would like a login so you can issue books, please fill in the form.

Study Centre is underway, and we have a keen group of children taking part in this every day. This provides an opportunity for the tamariki to do a little extra work each day across areas of the curriculum. You can enroll your child/children in one or more of these sessions. If you would like your child to attend Study Centre and they are Year 4 upwards, then please please complete the form. If you are unable to complete this form please fill in the return form on the last page of the newsletter or contact the office for an enrolment form. Sessions run for 1 hour after school finishes. 

2pm club runs on Wednesday and Friday's from 2pm to 3pm because school finishes at 2pm on those days. It is supervised by staff and the children are given the opportunity to play on the field and school playground along with other activities. The cost is $1 per child per session they attend, to help cover the cost of the staff. It is flexible care, so you only pay if you attend. Caregivers who wish to have access to the service need to register their child using this form. 

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is open every school morning from 8.00-8.30am.

We are lucky to have KidsCan provide us with all of the food for our Breakfast Club.

This is for any children who arrive at school and feel hungry. We encourage parents and children to make use of Breakfast Club as we all work and think better with a full stomach.

We need volunteers to help organize and run the Breakfast Club each morning.  If you want to find out more about this or are able to help out for a short time in the morning, please contact the school office