School Contact Details

17 Kairimu Street
 Stokes Valley
 Lower Hutt
Wellington 5019
 New Zealand

Phone: (04) 939-9707


Dental Clinic

The Dental Clinic is situated on the Montgomery Street Entrance

Phone:  (0800) Talk Teeth


Email The Office (see below for Teachers and other forms, permission slips)

Students and parents can email their teachers for help, to answer any questions or for any support they may require with their learning between 9.00am-12.00pm and 1.00pm-2.00pm. Teachers will endeavor to stay in regular contact with their students.

Pupils can use their own school email account. Both the email account and Teams will require your school email address and password. The emails below can be accessed by both the kids or the parents. Use these email addresses to contact your teachers if you do not know your school email address or password.Teams

Email     Teams
Room 23 ... Maria Joe    Room 23
Room 4   Dale Ritossa    Room 4
Room 5   Beth Jones    Room 56
Room 8   Sharron Handscomb    Te Ruma 8
Room 9   Teresa Kenny    Te Ruma 9
Room 10   Harata Biddle    Te Ruma 10
Room 11   Kataraina Karehana    Te Ruma 11
Room 12   Dianne Christenson    Room 1213
Room 13   Tim Rhoades    Room 1213
Room 14   Craig Gilmour    Room 14
Room 15   Liz Raimona    Room 15


Forms and Permission Slips